Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I can't say that I regret what happened.
How could I?

It took guts, and confidence that I haven't accessed within myself for a very long time. I still can't really believe how brave I was. I just haven't been me in so long I guess. It was refreshing, scary of course.. but I felt productive and if anything, that I've grown just a little bit more and have pushed a little closer to my goal.

So last night was awesome.
Sarah Lynne and I went up to campus for the Pudding Dance. I was under the impression that we'd all just be eating mini cups of pudding and rocking out to some sweet sweet tunes. Instead... it was a pudding-throwing party. Some girl flung some in my hair, I got a little annoyed. And then when ASUSU would throw bucketfuls in the air and everyone would trample everyone else.. that got me a little irked to. I just wanted to dance!

I got over it.
And ended up having a super good time! Loud music, flashing lights, everyone dancing and singing. It doesn't really get better than that. And then street painting! The talent at my Uni blows my mind all the time. Our streets look so effing good! Pretty exciting.

So I have a group project in English. An essay about a controversial issue. We had to pick between the ones we came up with... and... they chose one that I have absolutely no interest in doing. Title Nine? Really? And how many other people have done a paper on Title Nine? That controversy is so old school!! Let's do something going on RIGHT NOW, where we all have some real life experience dealing with it. Let's do something that applies to all of us.. like. .Tuition increases, the War in Iraq? or even something maybe lame like busing punctuality.

So yeah. I'm actually super annoyed. I hate the idea of group projects in college. Not to mention, because we don't have class Thursday morning, the all want to get together Friday night.. when I have a date, and it's the homecoming game.

Screw this.

In happier news though, I'm still losing weight. Things are going well socially ( and when they're aren't I've found a way to deal). I've almost caught up on my homework for the week. Huspas! We've got some activities tonight to go check out- Pillow Fight on the Quad, Ice Cream Socail and Moonlight and Music. Step club meeting and BSU meeting. The sun is still out, though it's getting really cold. I had an awesome sleep last night. I don't have swine flu like the rest of my family, and I get to see Guido tonight.


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