Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It.. (VOMITS) {{snowed}}.
Even the word is shivering.

Yeah, that's right. I mean, I vaguely recall thrashing about all night because of the wailing cyclone trying to escape the outside (cold) world and attempting to enter my (warm) world. The waterfalling rain horsewhipping the tin roof. Pretty restless night, but I certainly wasn't expecting the gasping horror of snow. My insides literally churned into an unrelenting knot.
(Sighs) OK, it didn't touch me or anything, it's still isolated in the mountains (thank goodness), and I know that it will melt by tomorrow (hopefully) but it's more just the idea that's making me want to hurl.

Last year I spent Christmas on the warm beaches of Australia. It was about 90 degrees. Perfect Christmas weather as far as I'm concerned. And the rest of winter was spent in sunny, humid Thailand. It was a pretty good year. And I'm not ready for another winter in these here parts. This afternoon was pretty much torture. It wasn't raining, but those canyon winds blowing straight down onto campus are killer. I want to curl up and die when I think about trekking to my 7:30 AM class the rest of this semester. Wet snow. Ew.

It's dramatic.
But all true.

So this morning was spent watching my baby brother (UEA) while my madre' took my sister to PTA. I straightened my hair, which hasn't been done in a really long time. And I realized 2 hours later why it is that way. It takes to long, but it actually looked pretty nice today. And I wore my mustard shirt and pearls ( gotsta lurve the pearls!). It felt good.

Institute blew my mind today. The spirit was so strong in that room. If any of you that read this find that you have 7 min and 50 seconds to spare, check out this slideshow. It'll throw you for a loop. At least it did me. And maybe some of you have already seen, but it was my first time. It really strengthened my testimony on the reality of reunion.
It's actually going to happen. And this slideshow really brought that home for me. Most of the videos I've seen have included paintings from way back in the day, or oldish looking photographs but Mark Mabry hit this spot on in a modern, beautiful, full face hitting kind of way.

Check it:

From there headed to Anthropolgy which hasn't been that interesting lately. We've been talking about Medical Anthropology and for awhile I found myself super intrigued. We discussed Epidemiology ( the study of Epidemics) which really got my mind reeling.. maybe I'd like to study more about that. We discussed Immunization briefly (which is another area I'd be interested in if I was pre-med. I might take the Evolution of Disease course next semester anyways because it just sounds.. cool) and today we talked about witchcraft, sorcery and potions.. which sounds like it would be pretty sweet right?

I don't know. It just wasn't, and maybe because it was the way in which is was presented. My professor is really awesome. She did her dissertation on Sha-man in Peru ( spiritual healers) which of course is SUPER interesting.... to her.. But I guess I'm just not that interested. At all. She brings it up alot on a regular basis anyways but today the hour was spent listening to her tell stories about her experience and the rest listening to her discuss her research methods, etc. I got a little bored. ( hold the little)
But Lane told me he liked my mustard shirt ( which is the only reason I mentioned it above) which was awesome. He's a nice guy. Me and Wylie just kinda ignore each other now. I'm totally fine with it, and I'm not so stressed out anymore.

My Natural Disasters class professor races sled dogs.
How's that for a fun fact?

I finished my Brine Shrimp Biology lab. I'm a little miffed because our salinity percentages didn't really do a whole lot to increase or decrease hatching. And BECAUSE of that it's going to be difficult to find the standard deviation, oh and the error bars. How annoying. [next week is Sea Urchins] That was a hard one, cause I don't really care about Brine Shimp either, but we did get to see them hatch and what not so.. yay? Our paper on Title 9 is finished and will be turned in tomorrow and we have a chance for Extra Credit, so I hope my group studied Fallacious Arguments. I've got my Math homework done with the exception of 1 problem which I'll discuss with daddy later tonight- I loathe Linear Equations.. and.. I have a discussion online that I need to do for Anthropology.

Things are keeping me moderatly busy, which is good because as soon as finals gets here I'm sure I'll be pulling my own hair out. So until then I'm just going to keep rocking the moderately paced school year and keep my grades up. Should be fairly easy.

I'm proud to say that although my ENTIRE family got swine flu, I dodged the bullet and am still not suffering any of the symptoms. I think Sarah Lynne got it though. Sadness.
And as far as the cleansing. Its going pretty well. It's hard to fess up and admit I'm a loser, but it's felt really good so far and I hope the change I'm looking for continues to get closer and closer to the surface as I continue the process.
I'm working on a self portrait, and it's almost done! So.. I'll be putting that up here real soon like.
For now though... it's time for the onlind discussion. And then helping my mom make salsa! Mm mm mmmmmm!


This has nothing to do with.. anything. Im canceling my Myspace account because.. I don't use. But there were some stuff that I wanted to save.

I love trees...
don't let me see you litter,, and we should get along just fine.

Here we go.... 2 shaped eyebrows... 2 shaped eyebrows that escalate when they inquire, scrunch when they're subjugated, and overwhelm when they're not plucked. 2 curious eyes that have seen and remembered much gratification and discontent. but no where near as much as they would like to take in. 2 full lips that s..h.u....d.d...e..r when they're upset, half-moon when they're e.c.S.t.atic, and pa-pa-purse when they're antagonized. 29 undisTORTED teeth that illuminate when they're self-conscious, impressed, or tantalized. 2 ears that have aquired an unfathomable respect and love for music.(Red Hot Chili Peppers will always and forever be #1) --I LOVE DEAF PEDESTRIANS!!-- 2 observant ears that pay attention, and long to learn. 1 secure neck that is eternally ex/e*rtin%g the !energy! to keep my head skyward. 2 strong shoulders that have no choice but to bear the burdens of personal goals, educational hopes, sometimes lasting bouts of depression, indescribable and unforgettable [[sins]] 2 strong shoulders that carry those things without resentment. 2 lusty hands that .crave. to be enter-twined with anothers, clean and l:a"b:o"r hard, and clench together every evening in private ♦seclusion♦. 10 energetic fingers that cross for good LUCK and ..fork/ for p.E.a.C.e. 2 sturdy legs that help me escape when I'm in danger, s..a..u..n..t..e..r... when I'm thoughtful, and fold when I'm feeling feminine. 2 legs that take care of me. 2 toned feet. 2 toned feet that put up with the running, that unDULaTE the water behind me, and tap tap to certain beats. 10 skinny toes that stand on themselves when I'm not tall enough, crinkle when I'm disgusted, and tingle when I'm eaGer.
And 1 . 1 that's experienced love, hate, joy, sadness, confusion, hurt, pain, respect, kindness, fear, attachment, resentment, and fulfillment.

this is me

I am a globe trotter

I've found that I'm happiest.. when I hold nothing back.

My world will "not" be easily sw/ay/ed.

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