Saturday, October 3, 2009


It kinda looks like a 5 year old drew it. But I don't care, the colors make my head spin- and is therefore awesome.

Well, I did it.
I signed up.
There were alot of reasons why, but one of the big reasons was because my parents paid the near $400 for it. So I'm going to work super hard, and pray that I win the $5000. Because that would clearly.. benefit me greatly.

I'm going to talk to Clark on Monday.
Return Jan's book (1491).
Possibly head over to Chantry's to roast tomatoes and peppers.
Go to DB and see if they've got the "Temples and the Cosmos" book, and the photos by Mark Mabry.

Conference today was.. baffling. So many great talks, and inspiring topics. Incredible.
Too much to start talking about it here.

I feel kinda weird.
I should drink more water or something.


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