Wednesday, October 7, 2009


[[BDE]]. Best dream ever. For realsies. Last night.
I dreamed I devoured a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone.
Just kidding! That's NOT what happened (sidenote: I have a hatred for marshmellows), but I did have a pretty CHOICE castle in the sky experience this pm/am.
Unfortunately I can't really convey how it went down in words on a address, which is highly uh.. defeating, and possibly predictable.. but maybe I'll take a bash at drawing it? It was picturesque and lifelike, and I feel it displayed the deepest desires of my ~nucleus~ in a very subtle, memorable way. I just reread what I wrote. What a bunch of vague, undeciphering slush that was.
Gag me with a spoon.

Yeah. I'm gonna have to pencil it or something.
Here's the jist. He (Matthew) was back from the mish, but it's not like when Michael came home from his and I thought that things would go back the way they were before, ya know? chummy and comfortable? But then it wasn't. Reality check. But in the dream it was! Kudos to the subconscious and unconcious! We (M and I) were still humor mates, and everything had been hashed out into the open and dealt with. It wasn't a dream about romantic love. Just a friendship. And I've really been missing his. Hard-core-petal-to-the-metal-die-hard-1-and 2 missage. Going on. {{Right now}}. Hence the dream. Duh.

I just miss giggling till my noggin spun, mirthfilled tears doing the foxtrot over the rims of my oculars, and my stomache cramping from the "shock-awesome" of his comical characteristics.
Whose with me?

Well suck. Had a physical this morning to get things squared away before I begin my overhaul program on the 12th. I'm actually doing a lot better off then I previously figured. 10 points. swoosh. Score!! My blood pressure is first-class. My cholesterol levels ARE something to brag about ( this is me bragging), and I'm getting "96% oxygen which is very good" - WHAT does that even mean? 96% Oxygen?? How HARD is it to get that? What the crap is she gabbing about? I don't know. But she acted all excited for me:

" Wow, that's really impressive that someone so young as yourself is going to take the initiative to better herself. Good for you for caring about.. you."

Nice articulation. And just wait one blimey second, what do you mean "impressive"? Or "as young as yourself". I dunno.. I got the feeling that she was quietly mocking me behind my back, judging me inside her head. Or perhaps it's just paranoia in MY head that's been nesting for a few years and has now decided to "hatch" and crawl toward the surface of my sanity.

I don't know. I'm just trying to reach my own personal maximum health. I'm not trying to win a Nobel Peace Price, a Darwin Award or a Pulitzer Prize ( I don't even know what that is!) All I'm trying to do is fit back into my prom dress. Big whoop. BIG whoop.


Classes today were amusing. I sat next to Clark & Wylie. Both were fairly verbose, but I found myself being short because upon arrival to classes, I discovered to much dismay that I didn't have any gum, and it was very blatantly apparent that I hadn't brushed my teeth after lunch. My breath could have summoned the dead. I mean, I wouldn't have been surprised if several decaying corpses had ambled in, dropping rotting appendages left and right, sat down and started singing hymns with us. That's putting it lightly. YIKES. But it was cool. Lane and Wylie told me they liked my sweater boots, the ones that I just sewed new buttons on. *high fives myself* Domestication here I come. For more on that check out my other blog.

Can I chat about Lane for a moment? Laney boy. What can I say? He's someone that is honestly going to mutate this rotting apple for good, one nice deed after another. Every single day he compliments me on something I'm wearing, something I say, or something I do. Without fail. Every single day. Wonderful! He's such a sweet kid, and I totally want to be like him. Lane, let me just say ( though you'll never read this) that I Chelsea J. want to be just like you.. ooh ooh ooh.. oh ooh ooh ooh. (I'll slap hands-once- with the first person to name that movie)


So I told Wylie that his new haircut looked nice, to continue this train of awesome compliments for the under esteemed. ( It was better than nice-his haircut-. It was... sighs.). Unfortunately I didn't say anything to Lane because he was a person away and Glass-Coffin freaks when people whisper in her class. Friday.

Wylie. Why? Shove a screwdriver into my skull or something. gah!


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