Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, guess whose going to New Zealand for a month? You got it. Me! And let me tell you, it's fantastic finally having something to look forward to. It's been a long time since an actual adventure was closing in on the horizons ( I mean besides Thailand 9 months ago). And I have the perfect amount of time to save up for it. Things could NOT get better.

Except that I haven't figured out where I'm going for Humanitarian Aid in 2010.
I'd really like to go somewhere in the US, just because it would be a different experience. But of course I'm not opposed to anything overseas. I mean... obivously.

Top Ten Places Currently?

1. Israel
2. Mongolia
3. Phillipines
4. Uzbekistijan
5. Turkey ( Istanbul)
6. Canada
7. Russia
8. Florida (Hurrican Katrina volunteer work)
9. Bolivia
10. Greece

I lost 0 lbs this week. Week 2 is the hardest though, and I don't feel to bad because a bunch of other people didn't lose any either. And at least I didn't gain right?. Elimination is on Mon. I'm jittery and this mornings nutrition seminar threw me for a loop. Turns out my favorite salad, at my FAVORITE restaurant has 2,000 calories in it. Um. WHAT? My favorite salad. It's not like I go out to eat really anyways. I mean.. I'd say I probably go get lunch.. about once every 3-4 months. And I never eat fast food-unless Subway counts as fast food? But anyways... what a suck fest that turned out to be. I got really depressed and went hardcore swimming for an hour after the seminar. And uh.. I'm never eating out again. She talked about candy and pop. But since I don't eat any of those things either turns out I'm actually doing ok. Except for carbs, which I've talked about before.

Anyway. My "team" won a $25 gift card to use at the club so.. I'm thinking a massage is definitely on the agenda. And there's a dance tonight so that'll be some good... awesomness.
Mum bought me a food scale so now my calories will be more accurate. I watched some fanastic World Champion Figure Skating and Alpine skiing. And I finished more then half my homework.

All that's left. 2 math assignments and 10 more pages of reading for Natural Disasters.
I finished my SUV paper, got started on topics for our final paper.
I also wrote my Biology Lab report on biodiversity and oxygen.
Finished my reading for Anthr.
And now these 3 things left.

I'm so close!
Hoo. Raw.

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