Monday, October 26, 2009


First of all, it's Meggae's birthday today and I wish I was down in P-ville celebrating with her! Hopefully this upcoming weekend something can happen {{Frightmares?}}. I have her pressie all ready to go and I can't wait for her to see it! She's going to think it's awesome! I know it!
Interesting conversation last night with Jan and Sarah Lynne. We were just talking about, I dunno.. boys and stuff. Nothing super specific and I'm always in awe when Jan gives us theories on life and the way it should go- and it's mostly because I simply don't agree with her on most of it. I was explaining the program I'm doing and that started our topic of food. The foods we like and the ones we don't.

Eventually the conversation came around to me and I explained I don't enjoy red meat. Jan, after sucking in a violent breath goes: "You should probably keep that fact about yourself TO yourself when you're around guys". I thought about that, the way she said, thought about saying something but decided against because.. well it actually pissed me off.

So here I am, about to explain my vegetarianism to myself instead of her because it TMO. Yes. I'm vegetarian, but guess what? Nothing I'm doing is imposing on anyone else's lifestyle. I don't hate people that eat meat. To all you meat lovers out there- you could eat a steak every single effing day for the rest of your life and I couldn't give a CRAP. The only people I know that are radical about any sort of dietary habit, are those that have radical principles behind them. My reasoning behind abstaining from meat doesn't hinge on the fact that I don't think animals should be killed. Why the "h" do you think animals are here? 99% of the population eats meat, and what the trash would I ever try and do about? I don't like meat the same way that Sarah Lynne hates broccoli, or the way daddy doesn't like eggs or cauliflower. And there's absolutley nothing wrong that. And there's something wrong with YOU if you think it IS a problem.

And as far as guys are concerned ( because according to Jan I can't end up with anyone BECAUSE I don't eat the reds) I'm not looking for someone whose going to adopt my lifestyle. I'm looking for someone that can tolerate and respect my decisions ( and just because I don't eat it, doesn't mean I don't know how to cook it!). And I guess if a guy's not intersted because I'm less carnivorous.. then screw em'. I wouldn't want to be with someone like that anyways.

The point is, I'm not going to hold back a part of my lifestyle that's part of who I am because it might be some kind of turn off for "guys". And I'm not going to start eating red meat because "guys" might find that more appealing than someone who thoroughly enjoys sprouts.

If what I'm doing isn't affecting or imposing on your rights to choose how to live your effing life- then back off of mine. You eat your steak. I'll eat my salad. Fairs fair.

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