Monday, November 9, 2009


Since I started to try and lose weight using my own methods ( about 2 weeks before I started my program 5 weeks ago) I've lost 17 lbs in total.

12 of those have come off since the program.
I'm currently in 12th with 5 weeks left.
Where I'm at right now I need to lose 18 lbs within that time period. ( before christmas)

And after that I'm looking to shave off another 30, in nine weeks.
The goal is to reach my goal weight in...23 weeks. That's averaging 2-4 lbs every week. Which is completely do-able.

With 17 lbs lost, I still haven't noticed any big changes in my body composition. My face is a little thinner, my legs have toned up incredibly ( but the problem was never my legs so that's a little.. defeating. I'm looking for some belly shaping and flattening. hmm..), my chest is smaller (almost by a full size! and I'm so happy!), and my arms are toning nicely as well. I see some changes, but when 17 lbs is lost you'd expect to see something more noticeable ya know? A change in the way my clothes fit for instance.. or having some of those clothes just be too big. Ya know, something encouraging to help get me over the next hump.

I mean I'm not particularly discouraged. I feel stronger and healthier. I enjoy being more aware of what I eat. And I actually see a ton of benefits to being a calorie counter, and I'm happy I am one now. I'd rather know...than eat mindlessly.. not knowing.

So this week it's another push to lose.. I'm going for about 3 lbs. I mean 5 would be ideal I'd like to get my name up on that list for the grand prize ( the competition is the least of my concern though, someone else can win as long as I learn how to maintain my weight and keep what I've lost off). So... time for some hardcore workoutage.

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