Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday was a big test. Christmas is the next one.
I tried super hard to be good yesterday. Only having one serving, drinking my weight in water so I'd feel fuller, and taking a smallish bite of each kind of pie ( except the cheesecake because... I hate cheesecake). It was nice, but as evening wore on I got the munchies and almost lost it.
I kinda felt like I had. I mean, there was food spilling out of the fridge, suffocating the table, and bombarding the kitchen bar and it doesn't help that Thanksgiving seriously might be my favorite holiday- because of all the nummylicious food. I kept drinking more and more water I felt like I was drowning myself.

So it was with dread that I made my way to the gym this morning, and more importantly- the tell-all scale.

But guess what? I didn't gain AT ALL. In fact I lost .8 of a lb.

I passed the first big test with flying colours. Yes indeed. But now with all the leftovers it's going to be hard not to snag a snack here and there. I could eat mashed potatoes and gravy till the end of time but I'm hoping that by taking the time to express my awe in the .8 of a lb that maybe I won't let myself get into the habit of mindlessly snacking and pleasing my taste buds.

And it's back to the gym at 6 so. Awesome.

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