Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(New Blog) I'm just gonna keep this up for the rest of the week in case anyone else wants to check it out. And to all those that DO, you should totally join in. It's going to change the world :D

I'm already behind on homework.

My social work teacher told me that when he came to USU for school he felt like a raisin in a bowl of rice pudding. He's Latino and obviously my favorite professor thus far. :D There's a girl in the class that grew up in [[Australia]]. What the? That hasn't happened before, I wanted to talk to her but she was sitting to far away, maybe on Thursday. I don't know, I don't think it's time to freak out and say that we need to be best friends, but I like having the connections that I do with people. I mean, not many people are from Australia right.. so we should be connected. And who knows, maybe she knows people I know!

Why would anyone care?
They wouldn't, unless you've all had similar experiences.

I finished 99% of my math homework on my own. I got stuck on the last problem. Daddy's watching the Cosby Show, so I'm on here waiting until it's over to inquire about his help. And there's talk about getting me a tutor, heaven knows I need it. I've already dropped one class and I must say I'm relieved. I'm bad with first impressions.. since I let them stick so permanently.. but almost masticated my fingers out of boredom within that horrible 70 min. of class.

Patrick and Natalie kicked my trash tonight. And gave me a bunch of information about me and my calorie intakes, deficits, what not. It was helpful and informative, but it also really pissed me off.

I. Am. An. Athlete.
There's no doubt about it. There's nothing as far as "athletics" is concerned that I feel I can't do. I feel powerful, strong, durable, and more flexible then ever before. I'm no stranger to working out. Whether it be rock climbing or competitive swimming I've always done something. And it's not like I'm someone who doesn't have much to show for it. I'm about to explain my glory days ( isn't it sad that I'm 21 and already have glory days?)

I still hold 12 records at SARC from the days when I swam for them. And that's just one pool. I hold records all over North Western United States. I hold 3 at my highschool. I attended Summer Games most years and am no stranger to competition.
During that time I never felt as good as I do now, and yet apparently I'm more unhealthy then back in those days. The numbers don't add up. But in my head they never do. How can you be fit, but overweight?
Does that make ANY sense to anyone else? I don't know, I mean I know it's all about balance and patience ( THAT'S unfortunate), but I'm getting really frustrated.
Good thing Patrick cares so much ( or acts like it) , and Natalie, and Ethan.


Anyways, still no job.
But I'm hopeful.

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