Saturday, February 6, 2010

227 {On Cloud 9}

Last night was the February formal up at the Institute. The theme: "Up On Cloud 9". I neglected to bring my camera and other essentials because jumping, dancing, singing, and twirling would be a large part of the evening (I regret that now because everyone looked dashing, and the decorations were dreamy) I'm happy to report that I fit into my dress-in FACT it's actually toooo big! and the shoes I chose-RocketDogs- were exceptionally comfortable. I take my dancing seriously. It's all about ease and agility.

In the middle of the enjoyable chaos I received a phone call from a potential interest. I dashed outside the double glass doors into the lightly falling snow. After a nice little catch up on our various activities that evening he said (and I'm summarizing) that there were things about him that he felt I should know. We haven't spent a lot of time together, and before this went any farther that he wanted to be 100% honest with me. Ok?
And then the confession.

My initial reaction? In my head.
"Woah, my respect for this guy just shot through the roof"
And my second? In my head.
"Why am I not running in the opposite reaction"
And my third? Out loud to him.
"Thank you SO much for telling me, what you just did is impressive and I appreciate it. As of now my interest hasn't changed, and I'd love to hear more about this part of your life one day"
Did I just say that out loud?

After a few more minutes of talking the conversation ended and I headed back inside to the party. The rest of the evening was spent pondering what just happened amidst the dancing bafoonery, and how I felt about it. I kept trying to {f.r.e.a.k.} myself out, but eventually I fell asleep. It's morning now (obviously) and I haven't experienced anything odd or even slightly negative. I'm not really sure what that means, except that I guess I just need to spend some time with him and decide if this is something I want to get into. It's the only conclusion I've got with this odd calm feeling.

You'd think I'd get used to it. The strange situations I continually find myself in as far as the dating arena, but every time something more interesting our OUT of NOWHERE experience happens and I'm back to writing my autobiography entitled "An Awkward Life".

And yes, that is the name of it.

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