Monday, February 22, 2010


Absolutely RIDICULOUS.

So this was the "week of dates".
And even though things didn't go exactly the way I planned (for why I thought that it would I have no idea) it was actually really fun/funny. A couple stood me up, one changed the TIME of the date withOUT telling me (???) so I couldn't go because ya know, I had ANOTHER date, with one I almost died-true story to be told later later-, one was the most AWkWARD situation I've EVER been in, and one was {{absolutely fantastic}}. And one that I thought was going to happen didn't, but he never actually planned anything it was more just me hoping that he would. Maybe sometime this week. Crossing fingers.

So I have a few rescheduled for this week, a movie night planned for Friday. Pretty sweet.

-I found a new swim suit I'm going to buy. Tonight. It's black and red and sexy all over and I'm thrilled. I have issues with swim suits, it's easy to find a training one because you don't have to worry about cut or colour- it's JUST a training suit. But with other ones its such a pain to find a flattering cut, not to high not to low, good colours, and comfort. But I found one. Give me one million dollars.
I have a meeting with my Geology professor. I don't know what it's about, but I have a thought. It might be because of my lack of commenting during class or.. ya know.. participation. This normally isn't a problem but there are some highly intelligent people in that class, and the way they're able to connect dots outside of initial problems BLOWS my mind. I leave feeling baffled every morning and anything that I could or might say just sounds STUPID. I don't KNOW as much as these people, I'm younger, all my ideas come from other classes, my initial opinions or reactions tend to be fused with religion. I'd like to feel I could contribute to the learning process, offer something up that maybe someone ELSE hasn't considered. I've traveled to a fair part of the world, had some life changing experiences while ON those adventures, experienced independence at levels few people I know have, there ARE THINGS. There must be SOMETHING I could say but for some reason.. I just can't.

I don't know how I'm going to explain that to her without sounding like a 15 year old whining about... something. I'm in college right? Buck up, bring the heat! Say something outragious and watch the world unravel or tear apart your ideas. Right? Right? Ugh.

Math test Wed.
I WILL fail it.
But I think I'll stay in the class and just try to concentrate on the concepts, really try and learn them ( at my own pace) and then I'll retake the class over the summer. We're just moving to quickly through it. I got lost 4 sections ago and everything stacks on top of each other.
I thought I was going to get a job, but the guy didn't call me by 3pm- which is when he was going to call if I DID get the job. So it's back to the newspaper and help ads to try and find SOMETHING- anything.

I've discovered something.
I love the 90's. I was listening to the radio and out of NOWHERE 3LW "No More" came on and all of a sudden I was dancing like I never have before, it was great.

I laid out today.
That was great to.

I don't like the name Joseph
If I could go anywhere in the world in this very moment it would be outer space.
My new favorite show is Bones.
Favorite comedy movie= Airplane. And I haven't seen it FOREVER.
I've LOVED hot tubbing more than sleeping the last 2 weeks.
I've blushed only twice in my life and I actually AM disappointed.

roger roger.

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