Thursday, February 25, 2010


Things have been rough. I've been letting it get to me.
Time for a thank you list. So.
Thank God for:

My family and their unconditional LOVE for me. The gospel. My remarkable friends and class mates. The canines. Sunshine and nice weather. Music. music. music. music. A healthy body, and an organized life. Education and travel. A sturdy heart. Sensitivity to those in need. Trust for me and others. Honesty. Spontaneity. Pens, pencils, and paper. PAINT. Flowers and Bugs. Text messaging and smiley emoticons. Dark chocolate and grapefruit. Clouds. Card games and hot tubs. Lace and personal trainers. Photography. Dance. Conversation. Letters. Water. Faith & Hope. Literature. COLOUR. Calm. Inside jokes and double takes. Loyalty-Love. Wind. Natural phenomena. Swings and slides. Opportunity. Change and Influence. Board games and good grammer. Fair trade. Planet Earth. Laughter. Smiles. Toothpaste and Floss. Race. Experience. Affection. Openness. Democracy. Babies. Entertainment. Voice. Dating and Soup. Air. High Places. Sweat. Time. Epitaphs and Headstones. Staples. Asphalt. Hot & Cold. Magic-Miracles. Revelation/Impressions. All things that make a bed- a bed. Sleep. Trial and Error. Culture. Skin. Memory. Dots. Pearls. Satin & Bows. Argyle Print and Plaid. Much MORE.


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