Saturday, March 6, 2010


That's right. We won the hockey game and it did NOT disappoint. There were plenty of punches thrown and blood splattering to satisfy my thirst for competition. And talk about one {wild} last period. It was a good way to end the season. And start the weekend.

Afterwards we headed back over to Scott's place to make muffins. And baby were they good! Later Cory ordered in some pizza. We munched an enjoyed while playing "Bang" and "the Thimble Game". Ever since I taught Scott that game over at Jess's he's been obsessed. 3 pts for me. It was pretty fun, we had a mini jam session where Amy played the Banjo and banged out some piano. And then get this! We did the dishes together. The only reason I mention this is because I dreamed about it. I started doing them out of impulse- once you use dishes- you wash them. Right? But he came over and told me to "step away from the sink and put down the sponge"- but then we just did them. It was if I may say.. ADORABLE.

"For future reference don't wash your clothes with a towel you used to clean up jalepeno' peppers"

I didn't end up getting home till' around 1 o'clock- which is highly unusual. But I had a really good time. And he mentioned getting together to go sledding in the morning, then back to his house for pazookies- sometime this next week. I'm going crazy. In a good way. But I just... hate... being on the edge of my seat waiting for the awesome or devastation to unfold. Extremely stressful.

This morning Jarren texted me, asking to help him with a video project. And I kid you not this is what happened in the movie- I drive deep into the canyon with my child ( who is white) and leave him by a cluster of trees, only to drive off with him running to try and catch the car. I guess the movie is about how drugs and alcohol cause a person to-for all intensive purposes- abandon those they love. It ends happily with Tyson ( his little bro) running into my arms and snuggling into my bosom. That's what happens after you go through AA apparantly.

It was really fun. Fantastic weathers. And nice to spend time with Jarren. He's such a great guy, I can't believe he's leaving in a couple weeks for possibly THREE freaking years. Screw that!
But in an hour we're going to find a tombstone that apparently has a hilarious epitaph- and I must say I'm thrilled.

I'm all about skull duggeries.
Oh and we're going shoe shopping together which should be .. interesting.

I've got a really creepy headache but I think it's because I went to bed late and woke up entirely too early. Ate some food. Thought about making some cookies for RyeG. Banished that thought because I can't be bothered. Oh. and I have to call Cody because we have a date coming up next weekend. Alice in Wonderland. Should be good.

I can't believe it's almost noon.. and all I've done for the day is make a video.

Math homework.
Geo Readings and Critical Questions
Social Work Portfolio.

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