Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday was SUCH a blast, but I didn't accomplish ANYTHING that I needed to. My arithmetic is only half finished. I never got around to doing the readings or writing my critical reading questions. My laundry never got put it. It seems like from the moment I woke up yesterday morning there was something happening.

But it was fun.
Movie making with Jarren.
Grave digging ( we never found the one we were looking for)
Discussed a visit with Evan ( it's still not planned out yet)
Went out to lunch (entirely against my will, but at least Nicole decided to SPLIT something with me)
Made plans to play some Raquetball with Jarren tomorrow night- interesting.
I did go to the gym and worked out HARD because of that stupid eating out incident.
-I just don't enjoy it all that much. I hate feeling pressured into it. If it were up to me-and I guess it is- I'd only eat out on birthdays. Maybe that should be my goal for the rest of the year... maybe.
I learned how to play Nerts. Best Game Ever.
Spent time with Jess and Jason planning our club and the things we'll do IN it.
Planned a party for Friday night where I can meet and mingle with Ben.
Sometime this week sledding with Scott.
Alice In Wonderland with Cody.
Spring Break planning with Sarah.

Nothing about... what I had planned to get done.
And now today is fast sunday.
I mentioned being a little more irritable on fast sundays because ya know.. low blood sugar, no food, etc. and Davin said "you're irritable all the time, I never see any difference"

Now. I don't know why, but that actually really hurt my feelings. I do my best to stay positive no matter WHAT is going on. Sure, it's hard to see the bright side when the people around you are acting PSYCHOTIC.. but I feel for the most part I'm able to find the good and focus in on that.
I'm offended by that accusation-and my interest in him plummeted, and I don't actually know how to deal with it.

Today is going to be a bbeeeaaautiful day!

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