Wednesday, March 10, 2010


When I'm trying to go to sleep my ears have to be covered completely. It doesn't matter so much once I've entered the actual REM cycle- but until then my face is enveloped in sheets. It's a wonder I haven't suffocated yet. I love the heat and the weight. So so nice.

I also have this thing where the doors HAVE to be closed tight (including my closet) and the window blinds up or down (because they are reversable).
I'm not sure why I'm writing about this.

Lots planned for the week.
Couple dates. Spring Break starts Friday (technically).
But tonight I have a date with Jarren (rball, making dinner and a movie), same with Thursday with Bishal (from Nepal)-over to Tannin's for fondue and game playing, maybe a movie and Friday night with Cody (Nerts and then to Alice in Wonderland).
Saturday I head down- I mean UP- to see Evan-snow mobile, meet his family, play some raquetball, tour of the town, go to church with him Sunday and everything in between. Should be an experience. The thing I'm most nervous about? I'm going to be staying with his sister. Why does that make me nervous? I have no idea. But it JUST DOES.

I'll come back Sunday afternoon!
Monday is- whatever I want!
Tuesday is my birthday! But I haven't planned anything for it yet. Why? Don't know.
And then Wednesday it's down to Arizona for some camping ( we think )!

Things in general are going really well. I had some struggles last week with people trying to rain on my parade, but I've decided to just keep living this awesome life I have with optimism! I'm so happy! It's everything. The sunshine. Spring break coming up. School is interesting ( today I learned about cloud seeding- FASCINATING). I've made some really close friends already this year. The dating has exploded and I'm having tons of fun just going with the flow. People that I lost touch with for awhile have now re-entered my life and it's amazing. I'm getting along better with my family and my health is still improving.
Things are going wonderfully. They COULDN'T be better then they are RIGHT now.

Our foreign exchange student arrives today from Germany!!!, and we're all very excited to meet her. Her room looks so good! And the quilts that we put together for her and Talisa ( my lil' sis) are adorable! I can't wait for Talisa to go visit her in Germany NEXT year. She'll love it! And I'm glad that she has the opportunity to go- travel is so important. That kind of learning is crucial and I'm glad that me and my other family members have had those kinds of experience.

What else...
My daddy was made a Bishop in his married family student ward up on campus. I'm so proud of him, and excited that he's doing this. I always thought he SHOULD be a bishop and now he is! And it's great! He's going to do an amazing job. He's only been in for a couple days and I haven't seen him since Sunday afternoon dinner (they've already put him straight to work). I miss him. And there went my help for math homework but I know that he'll be blessed for magnifying his calling. And I'm glad that my mom is such a strong woman because she's not going to see him as much for 3 whole years.
I love them both! so FREAKING much!

I haven't heard from my older brother and sister for months. They don't return calls or texts. They could be dead and we wouldn't know. I worry about that part of my family. There's a definite split and I wish it wasn't there. What can ya do?

Anyways... I need to..
Eat lunch.
Math homework.
Clean room.
Maybe take a nap.
Spring break last minute things.
and uh...

Have fun!


  1. Dude what's your secret for so many dates? You're a pimp.

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