Monday, March 29, 2010


We are different, though we seem the same.

After the one who never was nor could be, there is another that might have been if he had not been before he was. Sometimes there is one while there isn't another nearly the same difference of that which was subtracted. If one becomes what another dreaded, they will never make up their divergences, only to dwindle and perish in unbelief. Never will there be one that can fully understand the potential of another as long as there is an inkling of doubt within the soul of either of them. There may be a belief that there is one set standard that all must be, but that can never be unless the standard was only to be one's self and nothing else. To be different is something that all must eventually reach, which then creates the ability to become the same. No one is nothing, but none are something unless they believe that they must be judged on the basis of what they could have, and should have been. As long as we can reach that potential which can only be created within ourselves, we will never be denounced as a failure by the ones that are they most important.

We are made the same by our differences.

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