Friday, April 23, 2010


So, I guess I've become a flickr junkie.

Not that I actually USE the sight- I mean, I'VE never posted anything on there, but I really enjoy looking and browsing though what OTHER people upload and then pick out my favorites. It just gives me more ideas about how to stretch my photography because it's certainly limited. People get crazy, but I love the confidence enveloping that sight. I appreciate so many, and all of them I want to share. So if these suddenly become riddled and infested with flickr photos it's simply because I find them incredibly awesome!

The semester is winding down. Slowly yes, but surely.
With Friday FINALLY here I can say that I'm on the other side of this slippery uphill climb.
Yesterday my Social Work portfolio was turned in.
Today the personal consumption activity is off my chest.
I finally did my CPR and AED recert.
All I have left is a power point presentation for Geography, and 3 actual finals not taking place until the first week of May.

After that it's home free to sweet summer and FINALLY-employment.

Tomorrow, hopefully I'm yard sale exploring with Jess.

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