Friday, April 30, 2010

272 {I am in LIKE}

HA HA HA! I just had a really funny conversation with Evan.
Here we go:

Evan : "Check out this awesome authentic Mormon cookbook!" (accompanied with picture)
Me: "Do you OWN it?"
"No, I found it at Wal-Mart"
"Anything good inside?"
"Bread, soup... children and goat sacrifices"
"You sure that isn't a Jewish cookbook?"
"Well sweet! Make me some dinner!"
"Goats or children?"
"Where do you expect me to find them at this hour?"
"A playground-they're full of children!"
"Not right now though..."
"Alright, I'll settle for a goat. But one day..."
"Don't worry we'll leave the children for a special occasion"
"Deal. Let's have one of those soon."
"Wow! I'm not ready for kids."

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