Friday, June 11, 2010


{text of the day}
Scott: "So, I'm on the beach in Hawaii-what are you doing?"
Wow. That's all I got.

I mowed the lawn today. I haven't done that chore in years and now I remember why.
I've got some serious allergic reactions happening right now. It was pretty fun though- we've got one of the push ones and before I took care of it I put squish down in the middle of it.

The grass was seriously towering over his head- so funny.
I'm always amazed at how heavy grass actually is. Weird.

They closed the facility for work today, I'm not sure why because the weather isn't THAT bad, and seriously.. for having a job I'm sure not making much money yet. Can't the crazy thunderstorms and lightening take their business elsewhere? Sighs.

Lunch time.
What to eat.. what to eat...

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