Tuesday, June 15, 2010


{There's nothing worse than a lull with no end in sight.}
I signed up to volunteer out at the Humane Society ( working with animals and such) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but orientation for the job isn't until the 24th of June. That's like..ten days away or something and I'm super impatient. I just want to be doing more with my life than what I HAVE been doing.

So I made a list.
A list of things that I'd like to accomplish by the end of this summer.

Have or start a successful relationship with a man. :D I think "successful" for me would mean something established. Not that it has to last a long time or anything(of course that would be nice...), but.. I'd like the established part even if it's just for a second.
Share my testimony in sacrament at least once this year.
Renew my temple recommend-go at LEAST once a month, if not more.
$1500.00 away into locked savings.
$1000.00 to paying off my car.
$500 to the parents.
Both of those things will require working more, so I guess the next thing on the list was finding a second job-or talking to Chad to see if I can't somehow get some more hours.
By Aug. 1st I'd like to have my plans for school figured out. Where, what, when, and how.
Plan and go ON a successful camping trip-somewhere.
Lose these last 25lbs.
Make and complete reading a list of books-that sentence is weird.
Humanitarian Aid trip-if I decide to not count this HS thing (above)-planned&paid for by the beginning of August.

And that's about it for now. But I'm sure as I start checking these things off one by one that others will fill their place. That's the goal anyways.
I'm a little anxious about the first one, because did I mention that rejection is at an all time high lately? I mean it's not like I'm depressed or even a little low about it because I just find it comical, but I'm ready to start laughing for other reasons.

4th times the charm right? Ha ha ha ha ha!
So for today:

Need to figure out some kind of workout, I just can't bring myself to go to the gym when the weather is so NICE!?
Let Erika know I can't come over to learn how to make bread tonight because of work.
Write a letter to my sister.
Work, of course.
I might actually MAKE lunch, instead of just grabbing packaged goods from the pantry.
Paint my toes!


I finished everything on that list. I'm a little surprised!

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