Friday, July 2, 2010

305 "Gran, I'm not twelve years old." "Prove it"

Roused late this morning, because of an agitated evening. First it was too sweltering, then too chilly. Too many layers, then not enough. My toes uncovered, then ears uncovered-both of which NEED to be covered in order to get a befitting REM cycle. Absolutely menching. But I woke up this morning to the discovery of unpleasantness in 2 ridiculous forms.

1) I forgot to get my car registered.
2) An apparent high pollen index.

So I phoned about to see if I couldn't get in somewhere for a Safety Inspection- but no one's got space or time until early Tuesday morning. I guess that means borrowing or biking everywhere till' then- which is fine. After that I headed down to the track to do a work out. It was good for the most part. Blistering sunshine and a pretty feral breeze. A couple miles, some arms and stairs mixed in there. A little bit of core. All was fine until I started planks. Something happened and all of a sudden my eye lids were swelling and I'm sure I sneezed about 15 times in a row. Lovely.

I sped home and enclosed myself in my room waiting for the allergenic symptoms to pass, work it going to be a disaster if the wind keeps up. Sighs. Victoria made me some pancakes, and I had a soothing shower. My eyes are still slightly swelled shut, and my nose is twitching out.

And now I'm watching Arrested Development thinking about what to make to take for dinner tonight and everything else I need to do to get finished BEFORE work.

-$7.50 to purple binder
-Maybe a nap

{{New favorite song: "La La La" by Auburn feat. Iyaz}}

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