Thursday, August 26, 2010


{buried. treasure.}

So I haven't spent some good quality time with my Hillside friends from Apt 12 in ages. Normally our bi-weekly fry night is held in town-the town-but THIS time it was in MY town, and Scott's (Knight) town.
It's been a while since I last spent time with friends in general. (minus my short magical camping trip um, last week. I'm not counting that because I see those girls all the time.)

I'm not sure why this is so.
I tried to think about it. I've been working heaps of hours. And I know I've kind of withdrawn. And I guess I'm not living in those apartments so it makes sense that I wouldn't see them often. But after tonight I'm starting to realize that should hardly be an excuse. I need more of these people in my life. {buried.treasure.}

Because they aren't like anyone else I know.
They do things differently.
Things are more relaxed.
They spend time together, the way I spend time with my family, or on my own after a long day.
Playing games, listening to music, catching up, just enjoying each others company.
Maybe that's why I'm just unbelievably comfortable when I step into their company. There's no pressure to be anything but who I am and just laugh! And I'm pretty good at that. Laughing I mean, and with THEM being who I am.

Plus there's always something new to try out in the fryer Scott received at Christmas this last year. Tonight on the menu was a fried pancake with an oreo in the middle. I was worried {I mean, you would be worried to right?}, I'm not gonna lie-but I trust Scott, so of course I took a bite and dare I say it.. it was delightful! And then we split another.

It was nice to catch up, talk about our lives, here some funny stories. He played the guitar and we talked about getting together for steaks with Jared sometime soon. I need to be spending more time with these people because I leave feeling uplifted and wanting to be better. Such amazing examples, and how lucky I am to know them.


Because every time I leave from spending time with them I feel as though I've left with something timeless and priceless.

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