Sunday, October 10, 2010


Sundays. Yes.
I guess the hardest part, and best part of the repentance process for me (besides forgiving myself)-is the confessing part. Whether it be to a bishop or just to the Lord. It's not really in human nature to want TO confess. But as I sat in Relief Society thinking about things, a thought occurred to me.

When we confess it in a way gives up added strength to what we are trying to forsake. I'm all about working out and tracking my food, and gym stuff right? So an analogy with food seems appropriate. I keep a food log, and for the most part I can be accountable to myself for making changes when I know that my diet( diet here is a really loose term for lack of a better one. I don't diet. I do my best to live a fully and healthy lifestyle) begins to slip. But sometimes ( and these moments are becoming more and more rare) I'll justify allowing myself to eat certain things, maybe something has become a problem. Whether that problem be that I don't account for it in the way that I've chosen to track it, or some other reason. I'm no longer allowing myself to BE accountable TO myself. In a way, I let my own self down. I cheat myself. I'm not honest with myself. That's when someone else needs to come and needs to help me track my health goals. It's a strength TO me because I'm not going to be as likely to let something slip in or get distracted by something ELSE if I'm having to be ACCOUNTABLE to someONE else. And mostly likely I'll forsake that particular food item if I know that the OTHER person is going to look over things-THAT particular thing.

I think it's the same thing with the confession part of repentance.
It's not easy, but it causes you to have to be honest with yourself again-and in turn you'll be more honest with other people and in the process.
Just a thought I had.

Hogwarts afternoon followed by a magical nap.
Can't wait to play Phase 10.

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