Friday, October 29, 2010


Loped onto the shuttle after class today (ps. I think I aced my polisci MCExam). Normally it's crammed so I scurry my way to the back. Only 4 seats back there, PLUS the heater (that's pretty vital this time of year). I settled in next to a very tall man, and then this funny old guy with a handlebar mustache sat to my right. As he hunkered down next to me said "Wow! It's my lucky day, I get to sit back here with all the groovy kids!"

Totally serious.
SO FUNNY. Later, a jam by Kenye West came on, he commented to the girl to his right that it reminded him from a song from the 60's. What the? Weren't all those songs about protesting? He hopped off the bus and all of us there at the back smiled to each other and chuckled lightly. Older people are pretty funny, and sitting at the back of the bus is BOSS.

Ah! Painting!!

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  1. hahaha that is hilarious!!! by the way your drawings on the right here are sweet! you are such a liar. you ARE an artist, and you're probably going to kick my butt when we paint! :)