Wednesday, November 10, 2010



I'm going to try my hand at preparing a baked spinach fetuccini dish. I'm twitchy about it, but I went and purchased all the ingredients; I'll get started on it in a couple hours. Don't fret. I'll let you know how everything turns out. Or doesn't. Also, pictures will be adapted.

I hit the skids with my math test this morning-pretty sure. It was my fault. I didn't bother studying. Not that it REALLY would have mattered but perhaps I wouldn't have failed as badly. Whatever. I'll just have to wait for the scores and refocus for the next one-the blasted and horrifying comprehensive final. On the other hand I'm sure I aced my political science essay exam. Big smile.

On the way over to the Institute building, after Math, I headed into the NR building (partly because it was icy and I was slipping all over the place-also obviously it was freezing. And partly because this thing with Math is really starting to feel like an insurmountable challenge ) to get some pamphlets on majors and see what activities they have going on in the department. While in there I started chatting to a man named Michael. Apparently he replaced Maureen like.. a year and a half ago. Obviously I haven't stopped by too often-at least to the main office. He asked me what I was looking for and helped me out, then asked me what my major was. The point is we got in a pretty depthy discussion and he helped me figure out where I'm at in my schooling (cause I've never really been sure). We checked out some different majors I'm considering, and how far along I am, and would be if I were to declare a different major:

Health Education-Exercise Science-60% of the way done
Journalism and Communications- 65% of the way done
English 75% of the way done
Botany- 81% of the way done- I have no idea how that happened?
Geology--63% of the way done

So now I'm thinking again, because I need to do something that doesn't have much Math. And I don't want Math to stop me from getting a degree or something (if I decide that's something that's important to me- right now it's not. At all) But things in other areas of my life aren't progressing. Also. He said whatever emphasis in whatever major I choose can be adapted to be lenient in the Math department. Which is wonderful. I can't wait to talk to my Daddy about it! Him and my mum come home TOMORROW NIGHT. So excited.

So there's that.
And I'm working on figuring some other things out.
It's nice to understand the schooling a little better. Comforting.

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