Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's Victoria's birthday today. She's 20, and I'm excited for her to come home and see what I made her!! Also. She wanted stuff for her "moving out boxes" so I got her a red water picture, her favorite candy and then Talisa's got the card and is going to come up with an IOU- maybe Brian Reagan tickets. Or 2 movie tickets, or a Border's gift card. We're not sure yet! But she'll be getting something else.
Later tonight I'm heading in to pick up my parents from the airport and I'm SO excited! Not only to see my parents (I've missed them so much, and now have a new appreciation for how much they've put up with us 6 kids for our whole lives. Honestly. I've never cleaned so many dishes or helped out with so much laundry. Also, of all the animals taking care of the fish is the most obnoxious- the puppies and birds are fine :D ), but also because I LOVE AIRPORTS! I'm fascinated and I love the atmosphere. Seriously. I could just sit in there and watch people jetting off every which way! I can't wait for them to tell me all about their trip! And yes... there bringing presents to so OF COURSE I'm excited about that. Man. I'm such a five year old. But I love them.

I have so much to talk to them about too!
My schooling
Nanny jobs
How FHE is going
How much cooking I've done

My mom will be so impressed! And my daddy will know what to do to help me! CAN'T WAIT.
So I wasn't going to write this here. But now I don't care. I keep so many things inside that are good, and tend to only write about things that are confusing or hard. But today I have something pretty exciting- for me anyways. After class today George walked me to the bus stop, and got my number, and said that we should get together. I learned some things about him today during Martial Arts. He's going into.. get this.. POLITICAL SCIENCE, so we had TONS to talk about and it was awesome. He's going to do some internship on the West coast at some point and he's thinking that one day he wants to run a campaign or be a lobbyist. Also- he's thinking about becoming a minister. What the heck!

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  1. I'm assuming Victoria is your sister? Maybe not... haha. I'm finding out more and more that I have no clue about your family. We'll have that conversation soon LOL, but seriously :)

    That's so sweet of you! It probably made her day, whoever she is!

    YEYYY your parentals are coming home!! I guess that means no more crazy partyin at your house huh? :P