Friday, November 12, 2010


ALRIGHT. parents have returned from their little adventure to New Zealand. Yes, I believe they should have stayed longer [of course], but you guys! I can't even embody it! I'm thrilled they're back! Talisa and I drove down to the airport to pick them up. Twice some crazy truck drivers sped on by, dangerously pushing us off to the side of the road through S.Canyon.UM OKAY. Both times I cursed them, that they would be pulled over. And both times the cops snaggled the reckless hooligans and hopefully fined their behinds.

Then we got lost. YES. We honestly got lost going from here (my house) to the airport. How many times have I driven to the airport? Many. HOW we got lost? Someone please tell me. So special. And I freaked out. I HATE being {lost}, and it happens often so I kinda just... lose it, start yelling at drivers, cursing. It wasn't my finest moment. But we figured it out. So we're there, waiting at Terminal 2 for the units to make their grand entrance back into America when all of a sudden- the car dies. Please note that we're in the section where it says "No Parking. No Waiting". Don't worry. We figured the entire thing out, got the jumper truck to help, found my exhausted but glowing mum and daddy and began piling in the luggage- but not before Daddy pulled out some Aussie Candy, then headed on home.

We talked and talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more.
Big smile.


Woke them up with dogs and we talked some more, and my mom is going to help me cook tonight which I'm super excited about. And then Daddy is going to try and help me figure out this math thing. We're thinking that if that's the direction I go that maybe I can take the math class from somewhere else like B. or something. Because I guess the class is easier, and the credit would transfer. We'll have to figure that out quickly with Spring Reg. just around the corner.

Now I'm talking with Jarren about our best make outs.
Mine is still the one in the walk in freezer.
I love my friends.

Lock your doors at night people. Seriously.

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  1. I just can't... Fathom that the walkin freezer was that good... How can he be that good? I can't grasp it, not that I want to find out for myself or anything... Gross