Monday, February 21, 2011


My eye, is so dry. I attempted to put Visine in it (this was a desperate go, I HATE drops-MORE than I hate needles-it was rough), but I'm sure I cried them out. Pretty sure that's why it's so dry and scratchy now. Do you think smudging vaseline in it would help? Sighs. I ate a ton today-appetite is definitely back on the up and up. I always feel a bit bitter sweet about that.

So I took my contact out. Skewed vision has given me a headache. It's times like these that I go back to thinking about Lasik. I'd never be brave enough to go through with it. Eye surgery stuff.... sick. I can barely put in contacts without squirming about how weird it is. I just have this thing with my eyes I suppose.

Anyway. Highlights?
Sunshine day.
Mom waking me up to ask if I wanted to go to the circus. No joke.

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