Sunday, October 16, 2011


Went up to Porcupine Dam yesterday with Talisa and saw a little bit of this. It literally took my breath away, so beautiful up there right now! I feel like I missed all the colors up the canyon because... the weather changed to quickly but down there past Paradise, it's taken its sweet beautiful time :D

It was good to get some fresh air, even if I was exhausted by the slight walking around we did. So much better than what I've been doing. Cooped up at home just trying to figure things out, kind of going crazy. The last couple days I've forced myself outside and it's been good for me. And for the baby. I woke up the other day wishing it was Christmas. I just miss my family, which is odd because I live about 6 miles away from them. So I've been spending lots of time out there wondering if maybe the best thing to do right now is to move home and just relax for a bit. Not worry about paying bills or not having a job, or a car for that matter. There's so much more going on.

Had a chat with Cristian's Uncle last night. He never introduced me but he knew my name and when he heard me rummaging around in his room looking for my contact solution he called my name. I went down the hall, sat and had a chat with him. He didn't know I was pregnant-which is interesting because everyone else in the house knows. He burst into tears-it was ok-they were happy tears and we had a long talk about life and.. school. LOL. My family would LOVE his family. All of them are pushing me to finish even though I'm having a kid. It's good because I don't have enough motivation to do it for myself. I just don't care that much about school but with a whole group of people pushing me to do it... I might actually do it.

Anyways, had a talk with Cristian a few minutes later when he came home. About the future.
He wants a wedding. I want to elope.
He wants to get me a big gawdy diamond ring.
I want a simple band. I hate diamonds.
It's just funny.
I told him if he wants a wedding he has to plan it. I'll get a dress and show up.
There's something backwards about this lol.

My dog has his head on my lap, he can spell the cold pizza I'm eating.
LOVE this canine.
It's my mum's birthday today. I have the best mom in the world. I didn't know what to get here, so I guess I'll work on that this week. She's hard to shop for, very practical but I mean.. what could I get her that she doesn't already have? I don't know either. Hopefully Cristian's gonna make it out here for her delicious cake. They really want to get to know him better-and I really want him to get to know them better also.

I wish it was Christmas.

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