Monday, October 31, 2011


Yep. Can't come home without someone bothering me about something or other. It's just reaffirming that I can't move home. Might move in with Cristian if we can't find a place we can pay for in the next couple of weeks, but truth is I don't really want to live with his family either. And he doesn't either. He said he'd pick up another job here if that's what I want and he'll be the supporter for awhile. I do eventually want to get a job so I can help us out but I think I'm down and out for about the next year. That seems like a really long time. We'll make it.

Heading down to O'ville to purchase new red boots! And some other unmentionables. It's going to be a good Hallow's Eve. Mum made chocolate covered pretzels. Sighs.

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