Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Alright, yeah I know- my resolution to write a cute memory a day for the next little while already isn't happening-but hey- I'm pregnant and overestimating my ability to get things done when I say I will has been a little off lately. Plus I have a wedding to get ready for, and....yes! A new apartment to move into and get ready. We got the place I wanted and the landlord is freaking boss. Really excited that we searched around and didn't settle for one of those loser places we looked at.

The best part is, it's furnished but still totally within out affordability.
It comes with 2 couches, a chair and 2 tables, microwave, washer and dryer, and some other odds and ends and it feels nice not to have to worry about those things. We have a bed- though we need a new mattress, a TV (which isn't essential for me but.. Cristian's parents bought us it as an early wedding gift) and as far as I can tell- that's a good start. Pretty excited about the way things went with Wes- and he's even going to hook me up with a job which will be a HUGE relief and weight off my already aching shoulders. Good things are happening and tonight I'm happy :D

I also did my final presentation in class today and they were all excited about the podcast. The paper was a fiasco but hopefully Chris got my email about how that had nothing to do with Rose and it was just a lax of motivation on my part to really put it all together. Glad that's over though and I have my take home exam that's due next week sometime. Probably should get that started right now and not wait till' the last minute like with this last one.

But first I'm gonna take a bath ;)

When I saved him while playing the Halo Campaign and he gave me an unforgettable kiss :D

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